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Hunting Pressure Control Equipment manufactures

 Wireline BOP Manual: Smaller, lighter and easier to handle. Operated by manually turning the two handles to open and close the rams. Manual BOPs are used mainly for low pressure non-gas service Hydraulic: Mostly used, heavier and bulkier but operated remotely and quite rapidly. It is operated by a hydraulic pump, but with manual backup. A hydraulic BOP can be closed manually but must be opened hydraulically after the stems have been back out manually. Used because of quick response closure time and ease of operation Annular Type: Available in higher pressure models (10,000 psi and 15,000 psi). Hydraulically operated and functions much like an annular preventer used to seal around a workstring. With the application of hydraulic pressure a piston travels in the upward direction causing the sealing elements to seal around the wireline. One set of rams generally used for low pressures (up to 5000 psi) – manual and hydraulically operated Dual or Twin BOP Can be two rams in a single body or