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Pressure Testing – Slickline Equipment

 Pressure Testing – Slickline Equipment A typical test consists of pressuring up the lubricator against the closed tree swab valve to the working pressure of the lowest pressure rated item of equipment in the rig up or 110% of anticipated surface pressure. Make sure the surface equipment is purged of air to obtain a satisfactory pressure trace on the chart recorder. Water or other suitable liquid should be used (a fluid that does not contain solids) – nitrogen is also a suitable test fluid. Subsequent trips in the hole require that the surface pressure be tested. This can be easily accomplished using the Quick Test Sub as this is usually the only connection that’s broken. Install a gauge on the lubricator to detect any pressure build-up which would indicate a leaking ram element. Close the rams and pull the rope socket up to the ram block. Apply test pressure either from a pump or the well could be slowly opened. Monitor the lubricator gauge for pressure build-up. After testing the ram